How in the world is parenting and staying home with the munchkins so much more exhausting than working? I just don’t get it. But somehow, after All Church Camp, having a day without commitments is welcomed, but feared.  Part of me was hoping that spontaneously the preschool would call and ask all the Monday kids to come in today, Tuesday, for a make-up session.  Since that won’t be happening, we’re taking it slow.  Alex slept til eight, which NEVER happens. Sally napped and kept watch over Drew’s room during his nap….


We have made the three little pigs (face masks and smaller versions). Houses for each pig. Cars for each pig (Smart car, limo and school bus). A big bad wolf. Tables and chairs. All the while trying to keep Drew occupied, entertained and contained.




Needless to say, even downtime is busy. So, as we enter a new season, school year and era of kid development, I seek to figure out what downtime means for us at this point in time. Is it even realistic?





Drew laughs at the thought of “downtime”….

Needless to say, I’m carving it out where I can. 6am walks with the dog. Hot tub night with my girlfriends when the stars align and husband is home. Grocery store runs without kids. Quiet time, alone time, in the afternoon. A glass of wine with Matt after the house is finally quiet, before the first nightmare or potty run needs to be attended to. Planning ahead for a non-kid dinner out to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or maybe, just survival!

Because when days are filled with raspberries…


And outfits conceived and schemes created during time outs…..


Sometimes you just need someone to step in, love on and hold your kid…


So that you can keep perspective.

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