Heart Melting & Racing

Be still my heart.  Came out to find this scene earlier today.  Alex had set up “CRAFTS” so that he and his playdate buddy, could have “CRAFT” time.  I love it.  In case you can’t tell, he adores the word “CRAFTS”.  Love that he was thinking ahead.  The teacher in me was beyond proud.  My heart melted a bit.

And then this keeps happening….

Lots of “exploring”.  Fiddling.  Getting into.  Adventuring.  Yesterday, I caught him eating a crayon.  Day before, opening a cabinet that has no handle.  Tuesday, he fell out of his high chair.  I left him for 30 seconds, heard a thud.  And that was that.  So thankful he waited for the ONE minute I was gone.   Clever.  It’s high alert time in these parts.  Almost 11 months, so….watch out world, Drew’s on the M.O.V.E.

(And yes, Mom/Moms-in-Law/Pseudo Grandmas—-he will be tightly strapped in from here on out.  Guilt.  Guilt.  Guilt.)

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