Rounding the Bend

Can’t believe that the baby is 11 months old today.

 One more month and we hit one year.

How could we have gone from this…..

To this so quickly?!?!

Drew, you are a wonder.  You love being active and exploring EVERYTHING.  We thought we could just get by on “half” babyproofing the house…like closing doors and keeping certain areas off limits.  But, when our backs are turned, or you see a door open, get out of your way!!!!!!!!

You are on the move and into exploring (and cooking!).

You are observant.

You love to laugh.

You love stopping everything to watch helicopters and airplanes.

Good thing we live in the flight path for Moffett Field!

You are clapping and waving!

And you tend to draw crowds and people to you…

We love watching you, chasing you, and even having to give you time outs.  We know that all of the busy, crazy, tiring, and challenging times are shaping you into the person you will become.  We hope that many of these qualities we see emerging in you will continue to be true as an adult….except for getting into all the cabinets and throwing pots and pans around.  That might be a little challenging for your social development and acceptance!

Happy Eleven Months, Drewmeister!!!

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