“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero…”

~Marc Brown
Man, alive, these two are rather inseparable and enamored with each other, but it can sometimes be a bit explosive for me to handle. Calm, cool and collected is rarely the reality when they’re together. So today, the fact that my sweet neighbor is taking Alex to In-and-Out for lunch (seriously, we have been so blessed with amazing neighbors over the years), and that Drew was able to sleep while Alex got a playdate….well, those moments of times alone give everyone time to be better when together.
As Drew gets older and more alert, active and engaged (hard to believe that will increase even MORE than what we’re juggling now!!!), I want to find the {balance} of time together and time apart. I think that’s the dance of relationships. To weigh out personalities, needs, wants, vices and what’s “best” for each individual.
And to spend sweet, quality time together, building and forging memories and connection and touchstones. But on the other hand, pair that with time apart, time focused on each child by the parents individually and together.
clearly Drew AND Sally are wondering where Hurricane Alex went!….
It felt a bit sacrilegious to take Drew to Hawaii with us in February without Alex, but in the end, we know that was the best decision for that time in our lives and in our kids’ developmental stages. Just like the fact that taking Drew to Disneyland right about now wouldn’t be quite as appreciated as Alex at the age of 4 1/2.
Stepping back from making decisions based on my gut, emotions, or feelings is very tough. However, I am clear that these brothers will be blessed and grow because of the ways we are intentional about times of togetherness and separation. It is my prayer these decisions lead to independence but also a deeper connection and power that’s even stronger than a superhero…the power of brotherhood.

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