In a few weeks we are off for a short 48 hour trip to Yosemite.  Assuming that 48 hours will be about as long as we can make it “camping” with the two bunnies, though.  Should be perfect for Alex…no doubt a little trickier for mobile Drewmeister.  I say “camping” because we are going to be “roughing it” in one of these Housekeeping Camp beauties…

That’s the example of what it COULD look like.  Here it is as we’ll find it….

Anyhow, I love that my husband is planning ahead, assessing and inventorying our gear and making sure we are prepared (see picture at the top).  Alex is packing too—

Really….what more do you need?  A basketball, a crazy/purple/poodle stuffed animal and a camp chair.  In a brown box.  Perfect.

Hope you have fun plans to relax over the weekend and enjoy something beautiful.  My friend Coleen posted a great piece on beauty yesterday and then I spent goodness knows HOW many hours on Pinterest today.  Here’s my exploding page if you want to waste some time!

Happy Friday!

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