Make Believe

This arrived in my inbox today, ” Playing Make-believe:  Your child’s imagination is boundless. This year, maybe more than any other, you’ll see that creativity during play. It’s through fantasy that your child tries on different roles and “practices” new experiences and emotions. You don’t need to buy anything special to encourage imaginative play. Your child can cast himself as the lead in any drama he can think up without a single theater-quality prop.

Ah, yes….to the T of what life is like these days.

playing a homemade violin….

hours upon hours of car fun…

being “the Great Pumpkin” from the Peanuts/Charlie Brown Halloween special 

setting the table for “tonight’s show….”

costuming for “tonight’s show”…. (yes, marker on lips….oh, Lord)….

“tonight’s show”….aka, a stirring rendition of “Jesus Loves Me”

and a new song, created by Alex, about going to the dentist

being chef

But then, there are these glimpses and moments of the academics that are to come

and the learning and growth that has taken place.

And the playful fun and need for physical outlets…

And wow…there is a tenuous balance between real and make believe.  Yet, both worlds, and making sense of the world is so huge.  I just get tired watching and observing this development.  Can’t even IMAGINE what it feels like inside that little body…guessing, it’s a bit tiring for them as well!

So, if it takes me awhile to get back to you, to your phone message, email, letter, or even something I signed up to do, but have seemingly forgotten, I’m still here….

Just, no doubt, taking a nap (already took a short one this morning and am still exhausted)

or staring like a zombie at the tv or a magazine while glued to the couch

or scarfing down a snack or meal while standing up

or multitasking and getting nothing done

or taking pictures (I’m trying to expand my skills and eye a bit while taking this class…)

or…engaging in a make believe car scene, watching a puppet show, taking in a concert, trying to corral an eager baker, helping dictate letters for spelling countless words or sentences, or….

chasing a mobile crazy baby!

a few moments of calm while strapped into the carseat…

It’s busy times, but usually, when I’m in my best place emotionally, I don’t want to “make believe” and escape the realities.  And in the rough times, I’m trying to grab a huge glass of water and breathe for a moment, hoping serenity isn’t far off.

(aka  bedtime)

One thought on “Make Believe

  1. I love your ability to see the positive and appreciate the creative chaos that is going on in our houses these days that is fun but exhausting.

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