Breaking with Tradition


Sometimes, there comes a time when breaking with tradition is necessary. Or maybe, creating a new tradition is helpful. We have managed to institute movie night on Fridays and to Alex that means random PBS kid’s shows, popcorn and chocolate milk. And we start around 4pm getting in the movie prior to dinner.

I am trying to streamline our weekly menus too, attempting to have a pasta night, pizza night, tacos/enchiladas of some sort and a stir fry. Creativity can reign in the midst of that, but at least it gives a starting place. Soup night will be added soon (when it is not BLAZING anymore!!!!).

Anyhow, Wednesdays are Matt’s youth group night and we don’t see him for dinner, so I wanted to instate something special….a new tradition that broke with tradition. A tradition that centered around……BACON.


And other yummy goodies that scream 7am (or 8am if the sleeping gods render us lucky!!). Strawberries, obviously…


And whipped cream….be sure to get the Madacascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract. (selling at Trader Joes now, not just Whole Paycheck Foods!)


I didn’t whip the egg whites (I know, SINNER!!!!!!!) and used Trader Joes mix, but that was the extent of my bandwidth. I did, however, generously add the Vietnamese “EXTRA FANCY” Cinnamon from Penzseys. Heaven!


Once it was mixed in and the griddle warm, then batter pouring (aka: spilling) began…



Alex didn’t have much bandwidth to wait, and pretty much dug in the minute the green light flicked on on the waffle maker.


Luckily I had coerced/conned/convinced my darling to set the table. He obliged (phew!) and even employed previously made name tags. This made quick eating possible, and clearly that is what matters. Farm to table, people.


Besides ending up with a little whipped cream in the hair, I think it was a success and hopefully a new tradition!



Between Drew ingesting an entire waffle, quick tiny bite, by quick tiny bite….and Sally getting bacon grease on her dinner….well, not too shabby!



It might be a bit messy and sticky, but this Type A girl breathed through it and stayed calm. Thinking it might be a staple on the weekly menu after such a successful first run!


So, tips and ideas to share? Recipes and menus? Prayers for me to remain calm? I clearly need it all! Send your thoughts and ideas!

I figure that one of the first things Jesus did after returning from death was to have breakfast on the beach with his disciples, even though they were a little clueless about his identity. But, his definition of community, God’s plan for connecting and revealing himself was through a casual breakfast. Here’s to hoping we can seek to emulate that. The joy and desire to settle in, sand in your food and all, and be present in real life with one another. And be willing to stray from the plan, because as you can see, we were slated to have pancakes and oops, Mom forgot and made waffles instead! Bon Appetit!

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