The Project, Take Two….

My organizing, purging, and cleaning bug has been in full effect this week. Something took over after the pantry project and I couldn’t stop until I’d combed every cupboard and cranny in the kitchen.

This drawer, in particular, was keeping me awake at night….seriously….what was IN there?? Closer look???

Then there is the other various cabinets and drawers…

Those corner hexagonal corner cabinets are TRICKY! (at least that’s my excuse)

BBQ tools, anyone?

Here are the same tools, laid out so we can clearly see we have TWO of each implement.

Can’t see the baking supplies, pans, muffin tins, cooling racks, you say? Here’s the same view with the lovely harsh glare of the the flash!

Did you see this mini muffin tin hiding in there? Ended up giving this away to my friend’s garage sale. Cute, have used it a few times, but really….not worth the storage space for me. Would rather share the wealth.

This cabinet wasn’t too bad, but who needs THAT many kid plates, bowls, water bottles, and cups???

Too many utensils!!!!!!!!!!

So as I did with the first project, the pantry cabinet, I cleared everything out, sorted things into categories, purged duplicate and unnecessary items and cleaned out the empty drawers….


And then I began to put things back with the help of some drawer organizers I already had.

Found four wine bottle openers (we always forget one on trips and end up buying one). So….two will be repurposed, one in each glove compartment of our cars so we won’t have to buy a new one again!

Ended up using an empty drawer in our glass cabinet to store serving utentils, utilizing a cloth napkin to soften the blow. Poor spoons…no harsh, cold, wooden drawer for you!

And all the tupperware? Safely contained in that previously scary drawer, shown in the first picture of this post….

And a brief view of the kid drawer for now. I’m sure this will evolve and change and I plan to get rid of a few more items from this area (when Alex, my hoarder, isn’t looking).

Sadly, I forgot to take before pictures of the spice shelves and the freezer, my other two conquests. I guess I was rushing to finish during Drew’s nap. BUT, trust me, that spice shelf was NASTY, impossibly crowded and filled with expired and duplicate spices. I laughed to myself finding a jar that expired in 2007——-until I found one that expired in 2003! Yes, TWO THOUSAND THREE!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the after of the shelves of spices and condiments and such….

{I am still coveting the magnetic spice containers from the Container Store…

….but I’m holding myself back. What we have will work for now. And what we already have is FREE. That is always better than spending money!}

Seeing that picture of the spice cabinet now, I’m kicking myself that I don’t have a before picture. Seriously….there was NO room in there and the lazy susan was so full of items it had a hard time spinning without wheezing out its last breath.

I moved and organized a few more items up above the stove, especially rarely used vinegars and spices.

I made quick labels with post its (as I mentioned earlier, the labeller tape ran out…yes, I know…BAD form). I also posted lists on the doors of what was actually in those “rarely used spices” containers. Hopefully it will keep me from buying Thyme again. I found THREE containers, two of which were unopened. Sinner!!!!!!

Sadly the other thing I found while working up there, above the stove, was this….

Sick, disgusting, sticky and gooey. The hood over the stove was GROSS.

Enter….Bar Keeper’s Friend.

This stuff seriously works some magic. The hood will need even more elbow grease (not MEAT GREASE!) than I already put in, but I had to call it quits for today.

Finally, I tackled the freezer. This post, from one of my favorite blogs, I Heart Organizing, was really inspiring for me. Especially as my husband frantically digs through the drawers for frozen baby food as said baby is trying to get to everything first. Ice cubes litter the area and peas typically are flying due to opened bags. There was no rhyme or reason to the freezer. Basically we just shoved things in and hoped for the best.

Again, didn’t get a before picture, but here’s the first run….

(think we have enough ice packs?????)

And then today, I hit up the local dollar store and got a few things to help corral things in the freezer, inspired by that previous post.

Sidenote: While checking out at the dollar store, the man in front of me was purchasing $292 worth of canned pineapple and fruit cocktail. And they were on special, 2 for a $1. Yes, that’s right, mathematicians….584 cans of fruit!!!!!!!! The checker was sweating and laughing as she rung up my $8 purchase.

So, here’s the redo with the baskets. Matt and I also ate a few items for lunch. Nothing like sorting to make you realize how much you already have on hand to eat.

These projects cost a whopping $8.66 for a few additional baskets to help tame the shelves and freezer and $1.49 to buy cumin at Trader Joes. Still want to grab nutmeg, but after learning about grating actual nutmeg nuts while in Italy ten years ago, I just haven’t had the heart to buy the ground stuff again. Anyone know where to buy the real deal??

So, for now, this organizing maven (haha) is going to take a little breather and hang with the chitlins who will no doubt mess with everything I just organized. Oh, well, we’re always evolving, eh? Here’s a link to all things organizing on my Pinterest page. Unfortunately, it just gets me thinking about what space to conquer next!

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