What to Do When You Don’t Know Where to Start…..

Usually my life is going at a pretty quick pace.  Sometimes it’s due to chasing and corralling the two kids or dog, but more often then not, it’s due to my own creation.  I like to make things harder than they are, sadly.  I sign on to too many commitments, I try to do tasks to the nth degree and go overboard, I like making to do lists (which means creating lists of lots of things TO DO…hello, Christine.).

So, I keep trying to slap myself silly long enough to slow down and breathe and take stock.  This week, we had planned on heading to Yosemite for 3 days with Matt’s dad and stepmom.  We had the campsites reserved, the lists and spreadsheets drawn up, and the days taken off of work in preparation.

And then this came up….for the two days we’d be there….

Chance of Rain:
Chance of Rain:
6 am


Feels Like

9 am


Feels Like

12 pm


Feels Like

3 pm


Feels Like

6 pm


Feels Like

9 pm


Feels Like

EEEK!!!!  No thank you.  I feel like as a slightly normal adult in society, I could buck up and deal.  But is it wise to take a mobile, not yet walking baby into that scenario…. {don’t worry, he can easily crawl on top of furniture, though}.

So after reading headlines like these….

Winter Storm Warning for Sierra Nevada From Yosemite To Kings Canyon, CA

Hazardous winter weather conditions pose an immediate threat to life and/or property in your area. Monitor media sources for official updates.

We regrouped.  The in laws cancelled.  We booked a few more days that are supposed to be sunny with 0% chance of rain.  And adjusted.  Drew checked his weather sources and supposedly we are fine.

After a lot of hemming and hawing, Matt took the plunge and decided to go up for the first portion of the time and weather out the storm.  And he invited Alex to join him.  He’s either a saint or crazy.

Alex packed his own “activity bag”.  Take a look at what he put in his Toy Story gift bag (clearly, he chooses his travelling bags carefully…..paper gift bags should totally withstand winter storm weather when CAMPING, right????).

In case you’re having trouble seeing, he included:

  • 2 photo albums of pictures of me as a child
  • a sticker and activity book
  • various geology and rock books and a Magic School Bus book on oceans
  • train whistle (no doubt for scaring off bears)
  • a flashlight
  • his STOP sign, stitching project
  • a sketch book
  • a birthday book one of our summer staffers made him
  • heart sunglasses
All in all, he actually packed pretty useful things, to his credit.  And at the last minute, of course grabbed the fire chief hat.  Clearly, a necessity for Yosemite.  In the RAIN.
So, now that they’re off and I only have one munchkin, I find myself wondering where to begin.  I have two days in front of me with only ONE kid.  The possibilities……
And yet, with the treadmill slowed down, I often find it hard to know where to even start.  Stymied before I even begin.
Planning a little cheap room makeover for Alex is on the list.  And maybe allowing myself to breathe for a few minutes and let go of the guilt of not running 100 miles/hour.  Assuring myself that sitting still, especially mentally, can be and IS ok.
And….excited to hopefully see these views in a few short days!  Drew and I plan to join them Thursday through Saturday.  We’ll see how Mr. Mobile Boy does!
 Yosemite Valley, Ansel Adams

3 thoughts on “What to Do When You Don’t Know Where to Start…..

  1. Elena’s List of Things for Christine “to do”:
    __ Relax
    __ Enjoy having one child
    __ Drink tea
    __ Watch rain fall
    __ Call Elena

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to avoid the world of list making, not to worry about vacation plans reschedule or non-vacation stymied, and take in a moment of 0 MPH (or at most, just enough MPH to match Drew’s MPH)… enjoy my friend. xoxo

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