One Full Year

It has been a fuller year than I could have ever imagined, Drew.  Sometimes the days fly by, other times, they creep and crawl.  But looking at the pictures above, it is clear how much you have grown, changed and developed over the last 12 months.  I remember the Sunday night you finally started to “get the show on the road” last October.  After putting Alex to bed, I knew something was different.  We made sure to catch the finale to Mad Men and then jumped in the car and headed for Kaiser.  They finally got us to the Labor and Delivery wing (first day of the new hospital opening…10-10-10!) and after some unsuccessful attempts to drug Mom up, you were born the following morning on October 11, 2010.

And just as quickly as it all started, life kept rolling.  We moved to Sunnyvale just weeks after your birth and so began a few new chapters in our lives.  You have grown through it all….charming the ladies, being a consistent happy presence in the nursery and M.D.O. class, learning how to crawl, use a bottle, eat solids, and now, at one year, you are letting us know what you want.  No less stubborn or demanding than your brother, we are rarely wondering what you want or desire.  You always make us laugh.  Your growling, ball throwing, exploring and joy radiate.  We love your hugs, pats on our backs and attempts to keep Mom and Dad on our toes.  You are SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEDY.

So many fun memories already, and can’t wait to see what the year ahead holds.  We love you, Drew!

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