A Whole Lot of Random

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Never fully planned, we have enjoyed the most random of experiences over the last few days.

Alex loved his second visit to the dentist, Dr. Nick Gorgani.  LOVE HIM.

A last minute decision to go to Ardenwood Farm for pumpkin fun, train rides, farm animals, close-ups of Monarch butterflies and later carving.

A new couch (via Craigslist) entered our lives. Just got tired of sitting four across, feeling like we were at a movie theater! Drew is pretty stoked as it is just the right height for him to crawl up and use as a jungle gym/exploration tool.

A little time on the coast in Santa Cruz.

And….THE scare. Seeing “JURY DUTY” sticking out from the stack of mail. Noooooooo! And then the “phew”….addressed to someone who USED to live here.

Glad to be back in a routine, even though Matt’s two weeks of vacation was such a treat. This afternoon I spent five hours with the boys and had such a blast. It has been a rough, rough week with a certain four year old’s behavior. So, having a fun afternoon was the biggest gift of the last week. Connecting in a real way with your child—-well, that trumps a “whole lotta random” any day!

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