And that’s how Sue….C’s it

I adore watching Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch, on Glee. She’s always over the top, and has segments as a commentary reporter, sharing how she C’s (sees) things.  Basically, the editorial section.  So, here are a few views of how I have seen things this past week.

Finally getting cool enough for afternoon tea to warm up.


Couldn’t resist this wine, simply for the bottle. Happy Dia de Los Muertos! Love these types of drawings!


Beets, glorious beets from the Farmer’s Market…


One way to occupy a four year old? Cutting every fruit and vegetable in our fridge!


Encouraging same four year old to make kebobs!

Aren’t YOU craving veggie/fruit combinations???

Celery and bananas anyone???


Channeling his inner Matt…

Watching brother’s and Dad’s antics….talking to Drew via the video monitor!


Cold enough to get Drew into this old sweater of Alex’s…

only have a few more chances to squeeze him into this fall beauty.


Crazy cowlick meets bed head meets static electricity….introducing AWESOMENESS!


Cold night is the only excuse needed to make berry pie

(bless you, Trader Joes, for your glorious pre-made pie crust dough!)


Hours of fun…watching the robot vacuum! (and quickly crawling away to escape it!)


Chores galore to earn marbles for the “Yeh!” jar.

Who says classroom management techniques from my former fourth grade classroom don’t work for 4 year olds?!?

Yippee for my own personal window washer!


During a rainy day run to Trader Joes {a theme in this post…I was there a lot last week!},

Alex decided to throw Matt a surprise party.

Obviously, we played “Pin the Tail on the Whale”.

One more view of the hair. Seriously. Can’t get enough.

Had four people stop me and touch his hair at Trader Joes this afternoon.


Wizard hats with new glitter pens.


Blustery, rainy day walks….errrr…rides.


Changing colors.


And………….end scene. EeeeeeeeNOUGH!

Happy end to your weekend &

lots of love and light in the midst of the darkening evenings.

Light those battery-powered candles, folks!


And because I just can’t resist…

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