Wait, Wait, Wait….Walk….

Just over a week ago, we had one of many hilarious moments with our munchkin…the older one.  We were out for an afternoon walk, and it was rainy and blustery.

Alex started talking about blind people.  And how hard that must be.  He was quiet for awhile.

Suddenly he inserted, “But, God is so nice to blind people.  Isn’t it nice that God helps blind people?”

We were waiting at a major intersection and upon further inquiry, we suddenly realized what he meant—–“God” was talking.  God was kind enough to tell blind folks when to cross the street, when it was safe.

“WAIT….WAIT…..WAIT….OK, it is safe to cross Mathilda….”

So yes, God lives in those speakers at intersections in case you were wondering.

And, as Matt commented, Alex was right.  God does talk to us.  To keep us safe.  And the hard thing is that he often says, “Wait.”

And then some more, “Wait.”

Not sure about you, but I don’t like to hear “wait” as my command.  Even if deep down I know God is saying it to protect me, to keep me from getting hit by things I can’t see.  To “force” me to look at the path ahead and not proceed.  To stay put.

Sometimes that means watching the leaves turn.  And we all know that that process is like watching a pot of water come to a boil.  It’s often slow and painstaking and seemingly never-ending.  But before you know it, it is suddenly brilliant red and quickly releasing from the limb, falling to the ground.  The timing unfolded in its perfection.  And me??  I had my eyes closed.  Blinking.  Missing the moment.  So worried about the command to “wait” that I missed “go, release, let go….”

I love this season.  Post Halloween, entering into a time of Thanksgiving and gratitude.  Yummy meals around a table, without the presents and wrapping paper littering the family room, new toys beeping and singing.  Just tryptophan-enducing goodness.  But right on Thanksgiving’s heals comes the season of waiting, Advent.  The time of anticipation, expectation of celebration of Emmanuel, God with Us.

Our church is doing a weekly study of a book by Pamela C. Hawkins called Simply Wait.  An opportunity to look at this time between Thanksgiving and Christmas in a new way.  Not a race to get through department stores, snatching up deals or stressing over parties and white elephant gifts or addressing and getting out Christmas cards.  An alternative.  A chance to “cultivate stillness”.  To wait.  To be quiet.

I can’t wait {ha ha….ahhhhh, waiting….} to begin this time of reflection in a few weeks.  Over the next few days, I am planning to share a few ideas for celebrating this season of stillness and anticipation, especially with children.  I prepared a few things to share about Advent with my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group and would love to pass them on here as well.

Intentionality is crucial, and yet often slips through my fingertips as survival becomes my focus.  Urgent often trumping important.  Here’s to hoping, though, that the intention of waiting, not just blindly walking, will yield some fruit with our family this year.  I am not expecting we’ll be able to have long, deep conversations over dinner.  I am just in hopes we can form traditions and patterns that hold meaning  and maybe even memories for the boys as they start to look at this season ahead.

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