DPP ’11//Beginning

I have truly been waiting for December 1st to arrive with so much anticipation.  Last year I jumped into this project after seeing a few friends delve in and I still look back on those pictures with much joy and tenderness.  They tell the story of that month so vividly to me.

The December Photo Project  forces me to truly see and document each day of the month of December. It is a great challenge to be creative, to keep my camera up and ready and to be seeing the world around me with awareness.  One of my husband’s friends from seminary is a photographer and wrote this on her blog.  It sums up why this project and capturing daily, normal life is so important to me…

Photography invites you to pay attention,

and then to share that attentiveness (mindfulness) with others.

Photography allows you to ‘freeze’ a moment in time

and say ‘hey, look at this. Isn’t it _________?’

(p.s.  Erin photographed the images for the current Presbyterian Planning Calendar—I geek out over these calendars–and her images are AMAZING!!!!!)

Anyhow, the next month I’ll be posting a picture a day.  I hope you’ll consider signing up to do the project too.  You don’t need a fancy camera or bells and whistles.  Just a desire to be on the look out.  A reminder to pay attention.

And with that said, here’s day one!

Today is Thursday….we usually keep the day fairly unplanned OR conversely, try and squeeze in a fun trip to a special place, usually Happy Hollow or Children’s Discovery Museum or a local park.  But my favorite spot is typically the library.  I sing the Sunnyvale Library’s praises quite often here.  And today was no different.  Ran into friends….which lead to picking up sticks {which cracked me up as I’d just read and posted this article!} and playing out front for half and hour.  We checked out about 25 books.  And Alex even chose a bunch of Christmas board books vs paper so that Drew wouldn’t destroy them.  Love those moments.

So today’s pic is a rare moment of hanging out.  Sitting.  “Reading”.  It lasted all of a few moments, and I took a few other shots today that are much cuter close ups of the boys.  But this one evokes a “moment” for me.  A reminder of the joy of new books.  The anticipation of Christmas.  And….a little brotherly bonding.

Happy December!

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