A Jolt

Sometimes I need a jolt.

One moment it might be coffee {thank you, Peets & Taylor Maid}.

Other times, a book.  Or a sermon.  Or a conversation with a friend.

This year, I am finding myself jolted awake as we walk through this season of anticipation and waiting with a 4.5 year old. The almost 14 month old is pretty fun too, and chasing him, keeping him away from things, is a jolt 24/7.  But for my thoughts and mind and awareness, the 4.5 year old is typically the instigator of questions and bigger thoughts.

Anyhow, these two pieces of video footage have done the same thing for me too.  Thanks to Matt and Jane for sharing them originally.  If you too need a jolt from the grip of frenetic buying or a reminder of why this season is more than glitter and tinsel, please watch them both.

I’ll be back later with a December Photo Project picture.  Again, I encourage you to participate in this project.  It truly helps you look and see so much more during this season.

Happy Friday!

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