DDP ’11//Transcripts

Oh, my.  Today has been enveloped in PAPERWORK.  I’m type A through and through, but spending hours sifting through paperwork, former addresses, class titles, semester vs. quarter credits, different last names….PHEW!  And then, hours on college websites, scanning for transcript request pages, contact folks, student id numbers.  Well, that just leads me to say…TGIF!

Luckily, tonight’s plan is movie night, which means a fun Christmas movie, popcorn and lack of detail-oriented tasks.  Complaints aside, all of this paperwork is because I have a job!  I signed a contract!  So, hush Miss Complainer, and be grateful you HAVE a problem like organizing, locating and ordering transcripts….now, I’m off to find a fax machine.

and p.s…..so thankful for Matt being off today, taking over care and fun with the littlest today.  This includes his current task of walking to get dvds for tonight (I’ve been WAITING for this one!!!) and some milk.  So immensely grateful for a marriage that is a partnership.

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