DPP ’11//I Win!

Anyone else catch November 15th’s episode of “Parenthood“?  Sydney, daughter to Joel and Julia, has a rough time loosing at the Braverman’s Charades Night and Zeek, her grandpa, doesn’t let her behavior slide.  I have had so many people mention this episode to me, sharing moments of relating and laughing at the connections they felt to this storyline.  Today, we played a board game that appears in Richard Scarry’s Best Christmas Book Ever.  The book itself is pretty good, but the game was really great for Alex’s level.  Instead of just rolling dice, they had participants use four coins where heads vs. tails helped determine various outcomes.  Needless to say, Miss Competitive {me} played against Mr. Competitive {Alex} and Alex won fair and square.  This picture captured the moment he realized his last roll would take him to Grandma’s house and the finish line.

Then, he looked up and said, “Good game, Mom.  Maybe you’ll win next time.”

There was definitely a bit of rejoicing, but not “rub it in your FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, doing the worm in the end zone, rejoicing.  He had a rough time when Matt won a game yesterday, but he’s getting better.  Either way, sitting down, playing a game with sustained focus with Alex today was so great…..even if he DID win…fair and square.

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