DPP ’11//Rudolph…Can’t We All Just Get Along?

This shot is blurry and you can’t even see all the brilliant red Rudolph noses in their full glory, but I adore the faces of these munchkins.  Today was the Christmas program at the preschool for Alex’s class.  Hilarious joy to watch them in action.  Even though they are still working on learning all the words and fancy moves, it was such a reminder about how much more they are capable of at 4 vs. 3 years.

My dear friend, Sarah, posted this Parenting Style Quiz on Facebook today.  As I often mention here, I am a Personality Test fanatic and Sarah has only fed into this addiction for the last 15 years of our friendship. {I say that with deep gratitude!!}  Without going into painstaking detail, I needed to hear the last line of my type’s description, the “Stay-Sane Sanity Tip”.  The part about conflict.  Because I often feel like there’s a lot of conflict happening—it’s like parenting = conflict management.  And that is hard and draining for me.  So, to read it here….that that response in me, to be beat down by conflict….is normal for my personality, helps, in an odd way.

That and seeing 50+ kids with Santa hats and Rudolph noses singing and dancing their hearts out.  Good for the soul.

The happy-together mother (ESFJ)
The ESFJ mom strives to create a happy family where togetherness and harmony flourish. Whether she’s taking her children to the park or putting on a holiday feast, her efforts are directed toward having everyone get along. To many, the ESFJ mom personifies motherhood: She’s domestic, promotes traditional values, provides familial order, and is very involved in her kids’ daily lives. People-oriented, she’s drawn to community and the social scene. She helps her kids discover the joys of groups.

Stay-sane tip: Remember that a certain amount of conflict is part of any healthy family. Don’t let it get to you.

No words for these amazing women.   Darlene, Julie and Sonia, Alex’s teachers this year, are three of the biggest blessings in our lives.

3 thoughts on “DPP ’11//Rudolph…Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  1. love the noses! and the blurriness of the picture…capturing the essence of the four year old ^_^
    Oh, and I love personality tests as well. ^_^

    ps. I wonder what the ENFP mom would be like? I’m guessing we just kind of go with it huh?

  2. Here is the ENFP one 🙂

    The kids-r-fun mother (ENFP)
    Playful and energetic, the ENFP mom finds her kids to be good company. In fact, she says being with them justifies her own being a kid again. She loves introducing her children to the joys of life and is something of a free spirit, less concerned with rules and routines, and more inclined to give her kids plenty of free time to play and explore. She’s an empathetic supporter of her children (as well as her mate and many friends), and encourages their individuality through a great variety of experiences.
    Stay-sane tip: You need a release for your own emotional stress. Weepy movies and books and heart-to-hearts with friends can do you a lot of good.

  3. Yes, yes, and yes!

    I love the look on the girl with the bow on her dress! G is wearing her Santa hat today in honor of St. Nicolas Day. She put it on to go down and find her stocking and it made it to school. (It is probably in her backpack by now, though.) I know the years of Rudolph noses are coming!

    I, too, love personality tests. I am also an ESFJ (but border line for most categories). This does describe what I dream to be as a mom.

    Thanks for the smiles!

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