DPP ’11 // Warning Signs

The hair this morning should have tipped me off.  That and the fact that the nativity folks were still snoozing….

Even Mary was sleeping on her watch—smothering Jesus?

We managed to get all the figurines upright again, and attempted to tame Drew’s mane….

But, today was a WILD one.  And the kids were even in school until 2pm.  Not my finest afternoon of parenting.  Some days are harder than others…and this one was TOUGH.  Two kids.  Both needing full supervision and attention.  Both WANTING to do things together, but not really being ABLE to do things together.  I am not sure how others balance these moments—the moments when multiple children want your attention and yet can’t be in the same room together and YOU ARE ONLY ONE PERSON.

Matt texted me a little around 4:30pm saying he was on his way home for a quick break between work and his 6pm youth group commitments.  I told him he shouldn’t come home.  Was worried our state, at a fever pitch {literally and figuratively} might scare him away for good.  Luckily, my text sent just as he walked in the door.  And he stayed.  And helped so much.  ONE hour.  To have two of us for that one, blessed hour.  Ah, it saved me.

They both made it to bed.  Drew even hit the sheets at SIX PM.  Hopefully HE knows how much he needs that extra hour.  And Alex, with a newly configured bed and cleaned up room, is asleep too.

….with the entire animal kindgom.

And I have slaved over dinner for myself.  Popcorn, yes popcorn.  That’s about all I have the energy for.  Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day!

PS….is this scientific proof that backs up my observations today?!?!

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