DPP ’11 // Road Trip to Bethlehem

Yes, the camper became a warehouse for the Nativity.  Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the Wise Men, Shepherds and the sheep are taking a ROAD TRIP to BETHLEHEM!

Eldest wise man was at the wheel…

The rest were packed in the back, some even forced to sit in the bathroom.  A wise man pushed into dish duty in the kitchen.

Jesus and an angel ready for a meal at the table, side-by-side…

And Mary, a shepherd and his flock were pushed into the side.  And no doubt, it felt pretty much like this long ago.  Smashed in.  Crowded.  Smelly.  But maybe there was that same spirit of adventure looming ahead?  Questions about where they were going.  Wonder about how this motley crew was put together for this divine moment in time.  Who knows?  But…this scenario made me laugh this morning.

{excuse the photo quality….quickly grabbed what I could with my camera phone!}

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