DPP ’11 // Santa & His Little Elf

We have spent the day playing a bit of catch up.  You see, the best laid plans often don’t work so well.  So even though the calendar seemed to be open enough to put “Make Your Own Wrapping Paper” on Tuesday and “Make Paper Snowflakes” on Wednesday and “Go to the Living Nativity” on Friday….well, none of those happened.

So today, we had time and energy to go back and work on those missed activities…

The living nativity will have to wait until tomorrow’s Soup and Sing and Children’s Christmas Pagaent at church….LIVING 1st through 6th graders.  A PERFECT alternative.  Live animals in another form!

And then, Alex and Drew decided to play “Santa Pushes His Little Elf Around in the ‘Sleigh’!”.  It was hilarious.

Sally “Supervised”.

And then we squeezed in today’s Advent activity–

our “family game night” and peppermint ice cream….at 10:30am.

It’s like the “It must be 5 o’clock SOMEWHERE” syndrome.

Happy Saturday!!!!

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