DPP ’11 // Fourteen Months

The buggy {Drew, not the Radio Flyer}  is fourteen months old today.  And it’s full court press time.  Drew needs 100% of your attention or else mayhem is sure to ensue.  And today, this means he must be held 100%.  But only held by someone standing up.

It’s a constant battle of inner will—the desire to be independent.  And the competing need to be held, comforted and taken care of.  It seems like my eldest responds similarly and maybe even {God forbid}, us adults??  We so want to remain independent, self-sufficient, mobile.

Often, though, as soon as the skill is mastered, we realize it’s a bit empty, and go off in search of companionship and community.

Alex and I were reading about Zacchaeus this morning.  His narrative life story reminded me of this same tension—his desire to be feared, independent and sufficient.  Yet…..he climbs up in that sycamore tree.  He wanted to see.  Albeit, from a distance.  And Jesus seeks him out and calls him to community, relationship and transparency.  Time and time again, Jesus sought out those whom he knew needed him.  Even when they were hiding and trying to remain alone, he could see them crying out for more.  For connection.  For being “found” or even “found out”.

So, Drew….no worries.  We’re here for  you, Bud.  Even when it means holding you while trying to wash dishes.  Holding you while chopping salad.  Holding you while the to do list is waiting.  It doesn’t hurt that you’re so cute.  We love to see how this tension, the need for space and closeness, plays out.  “Just wait til the teenage years,” I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, out there in blog land!

Happy 14 months, Buggy!!!

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