DPP ’11 // Snowman Poop & a Tribute to Tom Dailey

Thanks to an amazing post by one of my favorite bloggers/photographers, Tara Whitney, I got the wonderful idea…well, I STOLE the wonderful idea, to have “Snowman Poop” one day for our lead up to Christmas.  Here’s her original link to the idea.

So this morning seemed like the PERFECT morning to do it.  Because today will also mark the celebration of a very special man, Mr. Tom Dailey.  Tom has served as the most amazing custodian at Marin Elementary School {in Albany where I used to teach} for a LONG time.  And Tom has been so much more than a custodian.  He cares deeply for students, staff and the school itself in ways that often go unnoticed.  And….Tom has a big affinity for donut holes and deviled eggs.  Every Friday the staff would trade off making food for “Fat Friday” and we’d have a wonderful time of community and yummy treats each week during lunch.  Nonfailingly, Tom would always bring one or both of his favorites.  And when Tom brought deviled eggs, he would bring multiple versions.  On my last day at Marin, almost four years ago, this was on my desk when I got into work in the wee hours.

I think I have shared it here before, but it bears sharing again, because it makes me weepy everytime I see it.  He didn’t need to leave a note to let me know who it was from.  I knew it was Tom and I understood his sentiment right away.

So today, in honor of Tom’s retirement, I am bringing donut holes to the party and feeding them to my children for breakfast.  They might be “disguised” as Snowman Poop, but really, they are a tribute to the amazing, Tom Dailey!  Love you, Tom!!!

{p.s.  And if I’d had time, this was the deviled eggs recipe I WOULD have made!}

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