So, as we grow older, aren’t we supposed to increase in wisdom?  To develop?

to bring out the capabilities or possibilities of

to bring to a more advanced or effective state

to cause to grow or expand

I think taking pictures is a way for me to pay attention to this growth.  To look at the familiar, what’s around me, and search for perspective.  For example, Drew & Alex in their Christmas jammies last year….

And a reminder of this year…

Sometimes I need a reminder….last year was harder in certain ways….nursing throughout the day and not getting solid sleep at night; transitioning to a new place, new jobs and being a family of four.  BUT….Drew couldn’t move.  He stayed put.  He didn’t have the strong will that is emerging constantly.  Alex, though, at 4 1/2 this year, is easier in a lot of ways, more independent (often more STUBBORN, but we’re working on that).  So each stage seems to have its pluses and minuses.

I look at the independence many of my friends have whose youngest is at least 4 years old and I think….”We will NEVER be there.  We will NEVER fly on an airplane again.  We will NEVER be out of the diaper stage.  We will NEVER have two children that can walk.”  And then, I realize that all of those “nevers” will change sooner than I can imagine, and I will soon be mourning the fact that they have passed.

So here, in instagram pics, are a few images of life these days.  I know I’m doing the December Photo Project this month, but sometimes, these pictures tell the story the best.  The pictures snapped quickly as days unfold, tantrums mount, and rhythms attempt to be formed and maintained.

Pictures L to R, top to bottom:

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Hair Insanity

Spaghetti for Dinner (or for a new outfit choice)

More spaghetti

Towers and Building for prehistoric occupants


Painting Salt Dough ornaments

Drew recuperating (sans older brother!!) while getting over a nasty fever

A rare quiet moment celebrating Advent

 Temper Tantrum

Watching Alex and his new train LEGOS while STRAPPED into the highchair

Eating lots of strawberries these days

Getting Christmas cards out.  Love the mailbox these days!

Brother “love”/forceful wrestling….one of the many moments as a female, only child, that I’m left confused about these boy sibling phenomenons….

Salt Dough ornaments

Dangerous exploring (standing in a moving “vehicle”)

Advent Hair

One more of the tantrum….our new normal.

and now….for two and a half weeks of “vacation” and no school….


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