DPP ’11 // Train “Fun”

Alex got to open a Christmas present from one set of grandparents on Saturday morning….and thanks to the tip off from his preschool teachers, we learned that he was really into their train LEGO set.  So, we swallowed our fear of stepping on tiny plastic pieces and gave the ok to buy LEGOS.  And boy-o-boy was he EXCITED!

And then DREW discovered the LEGOS.  And that is just good times….in theory.  He wants to “help” and have fun too, but a 14 month old, near an intricately planned and built LEGO project just doesn’t bode well.

Yesterday we enjoyed some bliss while Drew napped….

{some of the Gough men doing manly things}

And today has been a little trickier.  Lots of negotiation.  LOTS of opportunities for patience.

But, fun to see them trying to work it out, frustrations and all.  And really….who doesn’t love an electric train with a gas station pump???

 {with sound effects that keep making me think I have to go to the bathroom}.


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