DPP ’11 // Mary {of Sunnyvale vs. Biblical Times}

We had the gift of being invited over to a modern day Mary’s house today…to make her family “traditional” Santa cookies.  These beauties are complete with chocolate chips for eyes, a cherry piece for a nose, coconut for the beard and a marshmallow on the top for the hat.  Fun times!  She took on the hurricane of three boys {well, my TWO were really the major hurricane force} today and it was such a blessing for the boys and the moms to be treated to such a special day.  Mary, like so many others, has been a warm welcoming presence to us from the start and I feel so lucky that my boys get to enjoy her creativity, love….and COOKING SKILLS!

{Luckily, Mary has 4 kids—all boys—-

so I always feel like she knows the ins and outs of parenting boys!}

2 thoughts on “DPP ’11 // Mary {of Sunnyvale vs. Biblical Times}

  1. What a sweetheart Mary Sullivan was to host the cookie party. I do not know her but am always impressed by the joy she exudes. How did you get such a great family photo of her and her boys? In general … your photos are award winning. Love your blog! xo Cheryl

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