DPP ’11 // Sewing & Sweater Beauty

As I have mentioned time and time again, our tenure at Westminster Woods brought many incredible adventures, memories, experiences and relationships.  In the span of the last 24 hours, in fact, I have had the gift of time spent with seven folks, met during our time at the Woods.  Last night, three amazing ladies came over for wine and treats.  This morning {which felt like the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!}, I walked with another dear friend.  And today, three more came for sewing fun.  I am pretty humbled by that all.  The bonds forged in the camp setting are very deep and special.

Today’s picture took place when Alex convinced Jessie and Hope to partake in his hair cut and styling salon.  Loved that he used the superhero cape on Hope to keep the hair off her clothes and his M and M wand fan, a Halloween cast-off from our neighbor, as the hair dryer.  These amazing girls kept the boys entertained for HOURS {4 plus} while Hope’s mom, June, and I sewed some Christmas PJs for the boys.  June is my sewing savior.  She has helped me get more comfortable in my feeble sewing skills and time spent together is always an immense gift.

Last year Alex had Hope in Sally’s cage, pretending to be bears for hours, so maybe today’s antics were a bit more tame??

Who’s to say, but what a great day it was.

p.s.  the runner up picture for today?  This LOVELY sweater….

As an explanation, here was my Facebook status this morning:

From the other room I overhear Alex exclaiming, “OH MY GOSH!!!! WHO GOT THIS BEAUTIFUL SWEATER???? Look at all the JEWELS!??!” Yes, this “beautiful, jeweled sweater” was loaned to me by Janine for tonight’s youth group ugly Christmas sweater party. Alex, your taste is “impeccable”.

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