DDP ’11 // December 22nd // Wonder

I love that I often walk into the living room and find Drew doing this….staring in wonder at the tree.  Amazingly, he hasn’t taken to grabbing the tree or pulling off ornaments and surprisingly, Alex has moved away from the same obsession this year.  I keep waiting for that to take over and though I am still kept busy trying to keep them out of trouble, at least the tree has remained upright!

We had a gloriously full day today.  It leaves me tired at the end of the day, but in the best way.  From a park play date with caroling and hot chocolate to dear friends in town, the Elsdons, coming over for lunch and kid play time to crab frenzy for dinner.  Really….how can you go wrong with all that?  Tomorrow we have a slightly mellower day with Matt getting the morning off before we head into the weekend of Christmas services and family visiting.  I am really looking forward to it all.  Watching it through the eyes of the kids—-like the wonder Drew is showing above—has been quite magical.

And not only magical wonder, but also hilarity.  This morning, the following conversation ensued.  LOVED it.

After running out of Hollyberry soap, Alex reflected, “I wish we could get hay-smelling soap…” 
Me: “?”
Alex: “YOU know, Mom…Jesus?? He laid in the hay when he was born, so we should have hay-smelling soap. That’s Christmasey.”

I swear to you-all. I don’t make these things up. How does that mind of his work??

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