DPP ’11 // December 27th // Boxing Up


It is always a bit of a mix after Christmas….boxing up the decorations is on the to do list, but so is slowing down and enjoying the last few days of vacation. The gift of Christmas lights and trees as I drive down our street at night makes the long, dark days so cheery and warm. So, I mourn the taking down of this season….the fact that our street will soon be dark and light-free all too soon. The gift, though? The chance to move into the New Year and its possibilities and clean slates (and frankly, to take down the decorations without Alex home!) is a welcome replacement. Hopefully that new reality, the newness January gives, will help me put good ‘ol Sufjan Stevens back in the Christmas tubs until next year—to box up the 2011 holidays and move into the next phase.

Drew and I tackled pages of to do lists today and were quite productive—maybe because I also caught up on Season One of Downton Abbey and Return to Cranford? Multitasking at its finest!

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