DPP ’11 // December 31st // Finito: fee – nee – toh

It is so HARD joyous, fun and thrilling to reflect.  I know the value to be found in assessing.  The springboard evaluation provides for growth and change.  But is isn’t always easy.  Watching reality tv often seems like a much better escape option.

Last year, though, Matt and I took time to reflect and also look forward as 2011 began.  We hope to squeeze this in again this year, and with our anniversary a few days away, it also gives a great chance to look at our marriage too.  Here is the link if you would like the questions we draw from for your own reflection.

As for this blog, it was fun to look back at which posts have been the most read over the year too.  A nice snippet of some themes I wrestled with and worked on.  I tend to be all over the place.  Some days I write about organizing.  Other days about parenting.  Other posts are on faith.  And sometimes….just absurd mundane ideas.

Here are the top ten reads from the last year in case you are interested, quite representative of my wandering topics!

1.  My Organizing Trio of Posts (A Little Project….; Instilling Habits; and The Project, Take Two)

2.  The Jesse Tree & Advent Calendar Ideas

3.  Contentment

4.  Lemon Face

5.  Effervescence

6.  Giving Thanks

7.  Woe, Nellie.

8.  Silent Killers

9.  Les Nabis

10.  Darkness

2011, you were good & wonderful even in hard & challenging moments….

And 2012….well, dear Lord above, we’ll let you work your magic with that one!

{thanks, Martha, for the number inspiration below!}

“The New Year wears hope like a fragrance.”

~Ann Voskamp

One thought on “DPP ’11 // December 31st // Finito: fee – nee – toh

  1. Congrats on completing the DPP! I loved your pictures and stories. I didn’t quite continue mine while in San Diego. Happy 2012!

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