Hello, 2012


The sunrise this morning was rather glorious….


Sally basked in the pink glow {yes, sweet Sally, the lighting really brought out the glory of your silky coat…}.


So as we greet a new year……

Here’s to a new day dawning.

Here’s to walking into fear and the unknown.

Here’s to looking for beauty in the everyday.

Here’s to seeing God in the faces of my family, friends and community.

Here’s to living with intention

{an overused phrase, but boy do I believe in its importance}.

Here’s to adventures that lay ahead, unexpected, unplanned and still unknown.

Here’s to entering into conversations and communication, even when it’s hard.

Here’s to loving deeply and walking in honesty.


I have been thinking long and hard about my “word” for 2012.  Last year, it was Light.  And the funny thing was, I kept mulling over different words and thinking about which one encapsulated what I was trying to reach for and grasp in 2012.  And then I read this post and decided to borrow her word, Koinonia, Greek for union — communion, community, communicate and sharing.  

I find that claiming a word for the year pushes me to BE in a new and different way.  And truthfully, as I enter 2012, I don’t have a sense of what lies ahead.  Like last year, but different, there are changes afoot.  Going back to work.  Growing boys to mother.  A marriage entering its eighth year tomorrow!  And sometimes, I envision 2012 as a year to pull in.  To stay close.  To reign in my extroverted nature.  To nurture my own needs.  But….feel a deeper pull to more.  To true communion.  To true community.  To true communication.  To true sharing.  Even when it’s hard.  Even when I’m tired.  Even when it’s easier to say no.  Even when I just want to ignore my ringing phone or emails and watch reality tv.

So, with some fear and trepidation, I am claiming Koinonia as my word for 2012, knowing that many moments, it will be  a choice to live into it.

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