Today marks eight years of marriage for Matt and I. Last year I posted about our journey. Here’s a link to that post for some fun pictures and stories.

I love that this email was in my inbox this morning from my friend Jessica (whose 9th anniversary is tomorrow!)…

Hello dearest friend. Just wanted to wish you a very, very happy eighth anniversary. I hope you get to celebrate by sleeping in late, having a quiet morning chatting with Matt and reflecting on the year together, followed by a long and leisurely gourmet lunch, followed by an extended afternoon nap and a coffee date, followed by…. Oh wait. This was some sort of alternate reality that I was thinking about! Congratulations anyway!

And yes, this is SO true. No alternative realities. The day is filled with wii Fit fun for the boys. Getting my paperwork in line with the district. Grocery shopping and menu planning. Basically trying to wrap up a few weeks off the normal routine and preparing for the days ahead.

I found a bunch of emails written between the two of us during the dating period today. Quite fun to “read into them”….

So while our emails have changed over the years, many times more focused on the basics of day-to-day life and scheduling survival, there are still so many deeper, sweet moments too. The moments that only grow and change with time and strengthened relationship. Looking forward to dinner out tonight and some non-kid-needing-full-attention-while-screaming-and-throwing-food moments! Yippee.


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