Decorating for Valentine’s Day ($4 Bargain Edition)

Before beginning this post, I must say….this is a bit of a stretch….some Valentine’s Day decorating for $4 + tax.  A stretch, because I heisted all the colored paper from paint samples at OSH.  Cringe.

Anyhow, today Alex and I decided we should do some decorating for Valentine’s Day since tomorrow starts the 2-week February countdown.  I’m not so keen on all the Hallmarky-gimmicky hooplah over the “Holiday of Sappy Love”, but since I was born, I have been obsessed with letters, mail and mailboxes.  So, the chance to focus on showing love for those in our lives, and to give some direction to my 4.5 year old crafter, meant that we worked on a few projects today.

Sunday I made the garland from the paint sample sheets and a heart puncher I had picked up a few months ago at Michaels.  Today, we took the leftover hearts and hung them on our tree (the one we used during Christmas for the Jesse tree).  Alex insisted on drawing his entire extended family because clearly, if it was a “love tree” we should have our family at the base.  Can’t really argue with that.  My Mom used to hang hearts from pussy willows when I was growing up (and shamrocks in March) and it clearly stuck in my head as a fun idea to replicate.

My favorite project, inspired by a post I read last year, were the mailboxes**.  I need to affix them a little more forcefully to the bases and get some more candlesticks (any locals have two or three they want to dispose of before I scour Goodwill????), but they still turned out pretty cute.  Alex is a bit over the moon.

Last project will be to frame the boys’ Valentines to display too.  I’ll be posting them on the 14th, but for now, would love to hear/see your fun ideas for decorating on the cheap.

**The mailboxes are currently available in the dollar section at Target….and yes, I know I just posted about not spending money on frivolous things at Target in the dollar section.  Sigh.

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