Forced Follow Through

Eldest darling had a little too much fun with creative endeavors today….including Sharpie (yes, as in PERMANENT pen). On the WINDOW.


And lots of “artwork” and decorating of his IKEA pod chair.



And this whole experience just makes me feel….so….”warm and fuzzy.”. UH, not so much. It makes me frustrated, confused, angry, annoyed and embarrassed. Maybe even filled with a little….rage. I know that word is harsh, but sometimes, that is the true emotion.

So, follow through and consequences are required. All art supplies are off limits for a week. Sharpies off limits PERMANENTLY….pun intended. And tv, movies, videos, iPad usage, etc is off limits for a week.

So, he is left to figure out things to do to occupy himself. Mr. Alex is pretty imaginative and creative, so he should be fine. But, I might not survive a week without the crutch of the tv babysitter. I am that mom sometimes. Maybe a lot of the time. And yet the quiet has already allowed for me to hear imaginative tales to be spun of animals and pirates and dinosaurs…



Time spent working on a stage for his LEGO people. Actually, according to Alex, a “bandstand”. Thank you for the education, Curious George.



Matt’s at a retreat today, but has been transforming our backyard for summer fun and a garden!!!!! Seeing all these limbs down after some pruning and the painstaking process of installing weed barrier fabric….well, let’s just say I’m glad I have a visionary husband who likes projects. I like the end results. The FRUITS of the labor.


But it was a visual reminder for me of a truth I have heard for many years. A reminder that pruning is crucial for healthy growth. That we have to be consistent about preparing for planting new things in our lives. To make a plan to keep weeds from taking over in our lives.

So even though I don’t want to help Alex “lay down some weed barrier” and “prune some branches” metaphorically speaking, that is part of my role as his Mom. Not to get angry and question his worth. That is already determined. And thank goodness God extends deep grace and rejoices over us with singing. Because we will mess up. We have messed up. And amazingly, our screw ups don’t embarrass God. They no doubt sadden God, but luckily God continues to love us.

That is NOT easy for me. But, for now, even though I don’t particularly like following through, I will do so. Not just out of anger, frustration or a desire to inflict pain, but somehow to lay claim to love. Love that gives and maintains boundaries. Love that seeks to mold the best child possible. Love that is consistent, even when it’s painful.

And yes, I will be watching Downton Abbey and the Bachelor after he goes to bed. Mom needs her unwinding tv watching!



2 thoughts on “Forced Follow Through

  1. Frustrating!!! Top secret tip: dry erase markers take sharpie off of any material that won’t absorb the dry erase ink (i.e. it won’t help on fabric or things of the like, but will help on glass, plastic, a desk, etc). Just take the dry erase and draw it over the sharpie – gonzo.

  2. Oh no! (OK, Oh yeah for the imagination, but Oh no!) I was wondering if the teacher trick of dry erase would work on the window and it seems that Daren has answered that mystery. The chair is now a one-of-a-kind. Any chance it will be a collector’s item one day?

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