Just Say No


Yesterday we had a cookie decorating party with some friends. One of my biggest vices? Sugar cookie dough and frosting slathered sugar cookies. But, I stayed strong.



Then came pancakes for the boys for breakfast this morning. Man alive there is something special about morning sunlight and the breakfast routine. But, no maple syrup for me.


As mentioned last week, I am still finishing up the tail end of purging our books and magazines. Last night I tackled the magazines. Food and Wine. Everyday with Rachel Ray. Everyday Food. Bon Appetit. And seriously….look at the cover of that issue of Bon Appetit….FRIED CHICKEN. That, in and of itself, isn’t a vice for me, but it’s like the magazine is flaunting “off limits” food in my face taunting me. Thanks a lot, fried chicken!

I still have about 1/2 of the magazines to get through, but saved Dwell, Anthology, Martha Stewart Living and REAL Simple. Not so focused on JUST food.


I know this is worth it. I have a clearer, less foggy head, feel more energy, etc. But, oh, my…..just saying no isn’t so easy some days. There ARE two “little” distractions that keep my mind off of it for the most part, though. Happy Sunday!



One thought on “Just Say No

  1. What a wonderful thing you are doing for yourself~ clear minded, energy and healthy living~ don’t forget to include your boys in that~ not easy I’m sure, but I can imagine you would see a huge difference once they have broken old eating habits and created new ones~ ❤

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