Who Knew I’d Be Organizing Vegenaise?!?

Yes, who knew?!?  I NEVER in my wildest dreams imagined I’d ever buy Vegenaise.  Ewww….just the name gives me the willies.  I have received many Vegetarian cookbooks over the years, kindly, with plastered smile, accepted them, shelved them, and moved on.  And yet, here we are…approaching 2 months of a vegan, gluten free and sugar free diet.  I seriously have NO clue how this happened.  I mean, I have a clue.  There has been a lot of chopping, preparing, menu planning, internet scouring for recipes.  But I never would have thought we, the meat loving, cheese hoarding, ice cream ingesting Goughs would embark on this “adventure”.

So today, 6 months after my original pantry organization, Drew and I set about straightening things up a bit today, following Tsh’s lead at Simple Mom.

Drew also took this opportunity to empty and reorganize his kitchen too and move things around….

We took some quick photos of the pantry before….

Tried to find a spot, higher up, for the breakable, temptations that have become no match for our 17 month old climber and adventurer….

(and also purged over 1/2 of our cookbooks since September’s organization!)

After getting the labeller up and running (you might recall it was out of tape last fall…this time, batteries were dead after an Alex artistic frenzy a few weeks ago), we began labelling, pulling things out of packaging and filling up Ball canning jars and categorizing.

We have begun buying many more items in bulk, vs. packaged/processed items, so instead of one pint-sized jar for lentils….I now have 6 QUART size jars!  Proud of those lentils!

Not sure what Drew was secretly trying to say, but he sought out his Moving Truck and left it prominently on the canned goods shelf…

Even though this week’s challenge was to also encompass the fridge, I have gotten in the habit of cleaning and organizing it once every other week when doing our weekly menus and meal planning.  Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is MUCH easier than every six month cleaning.  Now, if only I could apply that lesson to every other area of our home….

I’ll leave you with Drew’s theme song today.  Maybe it’ll be the “ear candy” you need to choose a project and jump in.  And I can send over the Hot Wheels “Move It” truck if you need some assistance!

One thought on “Who Knew I’d Be Organizing Vegenaise?!?

  1. Your kitchen looks great! The pictures of your son helping and organizing his own kitchen are so precious. My daughter and I had so much fun dancing to the song together. Thanks!

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