My step-mother-in-law gifted me with this fun bag about a year ago.  You can’t go wrong with bright colored, 50’s designed oil cloth products.  Last week I was driving the clan around in the car, running errands, and looked down and saw the burn mark on the side of the bag.  If you squint, you can see it too, I bet.  Everytime I see that, I get a little sad.  Bummed the bag got a **LITTLE** too close to the heat.  During our trip to Yosemite last fall (posted about it here), this bag carried dirty dishes to and from the dishwashing sink and one time, it inched too close to the fire and melted.

I look at that burn mark and mourn the loss of the perfection the bag once displayed.  Last week, though, I realized the scar that remains is a reminder of one of the sweetest memories of 2011.  Our trip to Yosemite, while FREEZING, while filled with a few sleepless nights, while riddled with temper tantrums….was such a gift.  A celebration of two birthdays (one for a one year old, the other for a 42 year old).  A few days in some of the most amazing beauty California has to offer.  Eating outside.  Reading by the campfire (with 30 layers on).  Watching the sun rise on snowy peaks.  It was magical.

So today, when I tend to look at the scars, the hard places, the imperfections and feel discouraged….I’m going to try and see the good behind it all.  And when my mindset is in a negative place, that’s hard.  An uphill battle for my mind.  But, we are all burned in some way, shape or fashion.  The challenge is to see beyond that into the blessing.

2 thoughts on “Burned

  1. Perfect timing with this post, Christine. I appreciate your perspective and will try to look at my own “burns” in more positive light!

  2. Hey, Christine, Great blog today, and always. I was already in great cheer this morning, but after reading your blog, I am sailing high, buoyed up by your thoughts.

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