“Wink From God”

My friend via the blogosphere (and my husband’s friend in real life), Tracey Morris, is a phenomenal photographer and writer.  I eat up her posts, both for the stunning visual images and pictures painted with words.  Yesterday, she posted some gorgeous shots of poppies.  And yes, as a 4th grade teacher in California, California Golden Poppies, the state flower, make my heart pitter patter a bit.  She wrote in her post yesterday, “They are one of the first signs of spring here and they announce her arrival with their bursts of golden tangerine blooms. I am not kidding, they truly bring joy to my heart when I spot my first one.”  

So today, as my friend and I set out on our bi-weekly, crack-of-dawn walk, I decided to keep my eyes open for spotting a poppy patch.  Needless to say, the sun hadn’t even risen, and in the darkness, I never spied any of the florescent blooms along the route.

Weird thing happened, though.  Right as I hugged her goodbye after we finished our walk, I looked down and saw my own little poppy.  Embedded into my shoelaces.  WHAT?!?!  How in the world did that even happen??  We didn’t walk on a trail.  We were on concrete sidewalks.  No clue.  But there it was.

Craaaaaazy.  As as Tracey wisely replied when I wrote to tell her about the odd happening, “That is a total wink from God!”

And so, this response, and my dumbfoundedness, begs the question, “does God have a sense of humor?!”  Who knows, but as Anne Lamott writes, “laughter is carbonated holiness”.  (Taken from Katherine Willis Pershey’s guest post on Emmerging Mummy today.)  And sometimes, when things “come together” in an unexpected, and seemingly impossible way, you just have to laugh.  Some might call it strange.  Or weird.  Or perhaps, an odd coincidence.  For me, I think it boils down to looking for God in the circumstances we find ourselves in.  Looking and being intentional about seeing coincidences through a different lens. And listening for God’s laughter and watching for his wink, even in a California Golden Poppy and a stinky hiking shoe.

California Golden Poppy, Point Bonita, Marin Headlands, May 2006

Beach Poppies, Ano Nuevo near Pescadero, May 2011

2 thoughts on ““Wink From God”

  1. Oh this made me cry! I chatted with Scott about your comment on wondering if God had a sense of humor. Scott’s immediate response was a look of disbelief that you would even wonder! Ha! I do believe his comment was something to the effect of: As if humans could have created humor to fill in the gap of what God was lacking!?!?! All good things come from him! He created humor!
    I had never thought of it that way before. This makes your poppy wink that much more special. I think sometimes it’s harder to fully believe in the small acts of God rather than to believe in his large acts, such as parting seas and raising people from the dead, to name a few. So I love your last few sentences about learning to see the coincidences through different lenses. I wonder how many times in my life he as winked at me before and I have missed it.

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