Hello, Flawless

I have had a love affair with Benefit Cosmetics for over five years.  I wrote about a hilarious encounter there last March, found here.  You’ve gotta love a company that creates make-up with names to lure you in….

Just look at the contents of my bag—


Bad Gal Lash (because I’m the hardcore rebel)

You Rebel

and Hello, Flawless.

On Tuesday, after my talk at MOPS about Going Green, I had a discussion later that night with some former summer staffers and my husband about the implications of trying to care more for the environment and what we buy.  We talked about the hard core end of the spectrum—- Béa Johnson from the Zero Waste Household.  Their family was even featured in Sunset Magazine.  They generate ZERO trash.  ZERO TRASH, PEOPLE!!  And Matt was reminding us of the scary facts behind the concept of Genetically Modified Organisms.  The reality that plants are being injected with toxins to keep bugs away (post publish edit:  Matt clarified, “It wasn’t that they were injected with toxins it is that they are genetically altered so the plant itself is toxic.”)….and that we end up INGESTING those same toxins that warded off the bugs when we buy produce or products created with GMOs.  The government has sadly allowed this to happen, not requiring companies to label products with the truth of production.

And I’m coming to realize that the same is true, in an even more insane, scary and intense way, with our cosmetics.  Not just the bounty found in Benefit Boutiques, but products targeted to men, women and children alike.  Shampoo.  Lotion.  You name it, those products can and do contain chemicals that can adversely affect out health.   For years the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry had been largely left alone to decide what was safe to put in their products.  Even in sweet, pastel, cuddly bottles of baby wash, carcinogens are hidden and yet, present.

Although I’m clearly no make up artist or prom queen wannabe, I love the products I buy from Benefit and the Lubriderm I use each day after my shower.  I am starting to realize that I need to open my eyes to this area of my consumption too.  To re-educate myself and be aware of what bigger choices I’m really making with each purchase.  In my quest to be flawless, what other things am I unknowingly allowing in?

Take a few minutes to watch The Story of Cosmetics and let me know what you think.  I certainly don’t want to be only motivated by fear, but maybe a little hard truth is needed to wake us up?

Personal Postscript:

Drew entered the world of beauty salons today…..



5 thoughts on “Hello, Flawless

  1. It wasn’t that they were injected with toxins it is that they are genetically altered so the plant itself is toxic. There are already studies showing that these new breeds of toxic plants have something to do with the bee colony collapse. Monsanto just bought the research company leading the research in that area. Shameless.

  2. Catching up on your blog… That article about the zero waste household in Sunset Magazine inspired me so much at the time that the day I read it I went to In and Out burger to get fries… carrying a big glass bowl with me as a container. Weirdest look I ever got from a cashier!!

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