Images of Mom

Today my students wrote a group Mother’s Day poem….so I’m sharing it here to give you a little smile and laugh.  Much gratitude and thanks to all the amazing mamas, aunties, grandmas and surrogate moms that provide community, support and love to our munchkins—and are “sweet like cupcakes and delicious like a pizza.”  {where do 9 and 10 year olds come UP with these comparisons and images???!!}

My Heart Grows

Because of Her Love

My mom is sweet like cupcakes,

Delicious like a pizza,

grander than the Grand Canyon.

My mom rolls her eyes like turning wheels when she’s mad, becoming red as a tomato.

When angry, she screams like a gorilla.

She is a tough engine that never gives up, tougher than an ox.

as loud as speakers on full volume.

My mom is bright as the sun,

pretty and sweet as an angel.

She shines like crystal diamonds.

My mom sparkles like a polished vase, reflecting the sun.

My mom works harder than a toy factory,

More than the president,

never sitting down or taking a break,

My mom is helpful, comforting others like a special stuffed animal.

Her eyes are the bright North Star,

More sparkling than a shooting star.

When she smiles, the whole world sings.

Her beautiful face is a chrysanthemum blooming.

My mom is sapphire,

A heart of rubies

And shimmering eyes of emeralds.

She is as joyful as a balloon that never pops.

She is a shopping list that never ends.

My mom is kind like a dolphin,

extreme like a giraffe,

graceful like a ballerina,

fast as a road runner,

higher than an eagle,

fierce as a shark,

angry as a bull,

gentle as a baby.

My mom lights up my world,

Lights up each morning, everyday.

She is a cool ocean breeze,

Strong ocean waves.

When she is sad, she is a bike with no wheels.

She is a car that never runs out of gas.

My hearts grows because of her love.


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