Kicking Back

I love birthdays.  I love celebrating and making the day special.  Not extravagant, but special.  I usually count down and get so excited as my birthday starts coming up on the horizon, but this year, between teaching and parenting it kind of snuck up on me.

Husband extraordinaire planned a wonderful weekend, as usual.  It is rather tricky to “kick back” with two busy boys, but we still had a great time.  Breakfast antics at home….

Time at  Codornices Park, chasing children while trying to grab a bite of yummy picnic fair and catch up with friends…

Manicure, pedicure and iced tea with my step mother in law took place in the afternoon without children!

And then Matt and I got to go out to dinner and even sit at the chef’s table at Wood Tavern in Oakland.  The chef’s table allows you to peer over and watch the chef cook amazing dishes, with great skill and unbelievable calm.  A true multitasking feat.

We spent today at  Picchetti Winery, again, chasing children while picnicking….

Managed to corral the boys long enough for a picture and some great hiking, seeing snakes, butterflies, lizards and…..according to Alex…..a mountain lion that jumped in a ditch when it saw us…..hmmmm….


As I wrote on Facebook today, “Claiming the ‘normalcy’ of today….Motherhood….Drew drawing on furniture with pens, taking everything out of every drawer when my back is turned cleaning up his last mess. Trying to restore order and cleanliness to one small corner of one spot in the house. White noise machine set to “aviary” on the loudest setting possible by Alex to help accompany my sorting. Grateful in the midst of it all—the screaming, mess & mayhem—because I know so many who long for this gift of motherhood and don’t have it yet.”

Everyday is similar when life spirals and centers around young children, even the “special”, high expectation-filled days, like birthdays and Mother’s Day.  We often hope for and dream of a perfect 24 hours in time.  Filled with child bliss, breakfast in bed, spa treatments and spring elegance.  And indeed, while some of those happened, nothing is ever as we quite envision or imagine.  I am finding that asking for what I want (scaled down, husband-created plans, red saltwater sandals, dinner out, a hike) is key.  Not demanding, but not sulking either. Savoring the madness, knowing there will be a day, not THAT far off, when I might not even be able to spend it with both boys, if they’re off to college or other pursuits.  Remembering through this all that many of my friends LONG for these moments of insanity, yet instead, struggle with infertility or haven’t found a life partner yet.

So, I find myself putting on my party shoes, kicking back when/if possible, soaking it in and rolling with the moment.  I am thankful for the love and thoughtful messages of so many, the rose and note from a student, my husband who truly is the best companion for each adventure and the promise of a fun week ahead celebrating my Mom’s birthday and Alex’s.  May is unfolding in its true glory.


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