Lots of thoughts are swirling around in my head these days, cramming for my attention.  But yesterday, the funniest moment happened and luckily, my camera was close enough that I captured a few pictures.  I had scored my bi-weekly indulgence at Trader Joes:  Brown Rice Veggie Sushi.  Drew had poured himself a bowl of crackers.  Then he spotted MY treat, grabbed the plastic container with a vengeance.  Took the nearest roll of sushi and after generously **dipping**  smashing it in the soy sauce, shoved it in his mouth.  This process repeated a few times.  His face at the end shows his confusion and potential disdain for the taste, but man alive it cracked me up.

I read this quote the other day, “We are systematically creating races out of things that ought to be a journey.”  Maybe this little sushi venture was my “journey”.  My life feels rather race-like lately.  Sometimes it’s a relay race with my husband where we pass the baton off and then back out of the driveway without the children in the car, racing off to a meeting, commitment, errand or other urgent matter.  Races seem much more validating.  They are quick, surrounded with hooplah and a t-shirt.  Maybe loud music and a goody bag.  Journeys are long-suffering, requiring observation, pacing and patience.  Sometimes the race is just to make it until after bed time so we can crash and soak in our own “rejuvenation” (Bachelorette anyone?!?).  Hoping I can still soak in and savor this journey that undergirds each day.  To see that something which looks **surfacey** and silly (SUSHI) is really bigger.  A reminder that those on the road with us are developing, forming opinions, challenging expectations and experimenting before our very eyes.

And watch out for those open glasses, folks.  Drew made quick work of both and allowed me the {OPPORTUNITY} to try out my new “green” cleaner.

p.s.  PLEASE take a moment to read this hilarious commentary on getting children to bed at Momastery.  So funny, albeit, a little off color.

One thought on “Sushi

  1. It’s interesting…when I reflect on being with my mom in the last 3 weeks of her life it was beautiful and painful at the same time. I have never been so present in the moment. In fact I was keenly aware of everything around her, the stillness of the air, smells, tastes, facial expressions. All of these things combined made the journey. Beautiful and painful…I was there, on the journey with her…present.

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