{I know…two posts in one day….and the second on a Sunday night of a three day weekend….bad blogger protocol.  Oh, well.  Can’t win ’em all.}

Cush Camping!  My wonderful husband acquiesced to our eldest’s non-stop requests to sleep out in the tent that we’d used for decoration for his 5th Birthday Party last weekend (pictures HERE).  We had a wonderful time celebrating with tents, binoculars, s’mores, trail mix, bug juice and family & friends.  It was so great.  But, the outdoors overnight had to be done.  Not the night PRIOR to the party (fearing no sleep), not the night OF the party (Matt was preaching the next day, on Alex’s actual birthday) and then the week unfolded.  So tonight, no work or school in sight, Matt’s and my sore throats subsiding a bit, became camping out night.

And the perfect opportunity to FINALLY test out our outdoor movie screen {thanks, IKEA!…bought this to shade our deck at camp and Matt repurposed it as a screen at our house here} and introduce Alex to Star Wars!

No outdoor, camping movie night is complete without popcorn and if you haven’t heard me rave about or directly experience due to my prodding, the mighty WHIRYPOP, then you just haven’t truly LIVED.  {if you are going to buy it, be prepared that it will come with “real theater” kernels….don’t be taken in by that…go for real, white kernals…you won’t regret it}.

A little beverage accompaniment….and you’re SET!

Sally made sure to get in the middle of the action, but has yet to enter the tent {and surprisingly, Drew won’t either….he and Sally are thick as thieves}.

I’m going to graciously bow out and let this be “BOY’S NIGHT”….so gracious of me….to sleep in my own bed with a warm cup of tea and be the pancake flipper in the morning!  So grateful for a techie husband who can engineer this night on a practical level and also on the bonding dad level.

We’ll see if they last all night….

And some popcorn updates, Circa January 2009 & May 2012!

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