Summertime….and the livin’ is…

….the livin’ is….busy.  Tiring.  Full.  Memorable.  Raw.  Almost anything but “easy” as the song goes.  Life is currently wrapped around the Surfin’ Safari of Vacation Bible School and learning about the journey of Joseph.  (Clearly we’re talking about Joseph of the technicolor dreamcoat fame…thus the reason our family is all decked out in rainbow tie dye goodness.)

We finished school last week and quickly moved into a trip for the US Open for Matt, hosting a baby shower for my dear friend, Martha (what’s not to love??  reveling in an entire morning of kid-free relaxation, connecting with long term friends over amazing food!), Father’s Day mayhem (due to over-extended/over tired children—they just don’t “make up” for lost sleep by sleeping in do they?!?), Vacation Bible School kicking off, a visit from Matt’s childhood best bud, J, and all the other fun tidbits that creep into our days.

{Strawberry Summer Cake from Smitten Kitchen….YUM…recipe here}

{what a difference a year makes….2012 on top, 2011 on the bottom!}

Summer means lots of opportunities to maintain boundaries {i.e.  ice cream truck LOUDLY goes by SLOWLY, MULTIPLE times each day….and EACH TIME, I get to say no….}.

And sometimes we get to say yes.  Ice cream in the back yard in your jammies.  Summer fruit coming out our ears.  The March of the Zucchini continues.  And continues.

So, is the living easy?!?  Not really.  But, in light of Joseph’s Journey we’ve been immersed in this week, and the current state state of so many, yes, the living IS easy.  So far Alex hasn’t thrown Drew into a well, faking his death or sold him to slave traders on their way to Egypt.  None of us have been thrown in jail by Pharaoh.  Instead, we have laughed our way through the insanity of our commitments, schedules and the boys’ antics.  This post isn’t profound, but more of a “holding place” for the gifts this week has held.  Gifts of summer fruit and veggies.  Gifts of hilarious “conversations” and questions from kids.  Gifts of husband’s theatrical antics as Professor Matt.  Gifts of time with friends and family and celebrating the amazing dads in our lives.

It’s been full.  It’s been tiring.  But so good.  Luckily, all of this is tempered with a Friday Night Lights Marathon.  That show….it is addicting.  Watch out, folks.  It leads to many dishes left unwashed and to do lists unattended to.  I am figuring that FNL will be my comfort as I survive Matt’s week away in Mexico with the high schoolers starting on Sunday.  I stocked up at Trader Joes and am anticipating time with my parents too.  Hard to have him gone, but parentals visiting?  Friday Night Lights?  We’ll soak it all up and enjoy!  Hope the end of your June is….EASY!

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