love the LOVE

“To love God is to love the Love that grounds Everything.

Without it, we love only in parts and with preferences.”

~Father Richard Rohr

Thank you, Anne Lamott, for reposting this Richard Rohr quote this morning.

I needed the reminder…the Truth that Love is not based on my preferences or my partiality, but on a Love that infuses every interaction, conversation and moment.                    A Love that ground Everything.

And this week, that is going to be largely a reminder with my kids.  Balancing work, children, doggie day care needs and basic meals/home maintenance as a solo parent freaks me out each time.  Luckily, there are many who stand in line to be that LOVE when I feel overwhelmed or at the end of my rope.  Whether it be Girl’s Night watching the Bachelorette and having some wine or offers to run errands or hilarious texts or emails to keep me smiling or (BEST ONE….) PARENTS visiting!!!!

Loving my kids without preference (and to clarify…the preference is usually ME!, not one of them over the other) is tough many days.  I am praying for strength to love without parts.  Without preference.  Without partiality.

…even when Darth Vader is breathing on my face at 5:30am asking when I’ll be done sewing his cape.

On that note, does anyone have a costume sitting around that you’d like to share?!?

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