Shoe Therapy & Donut Dates

Sometimes you just need to step back and do the unexpected…

To drop the routine….

To forget about the budget…

And nutrition….

And the errands begging to be run….

And head for the salty sea air.

I have almost made it through half of the week that Matt’s away.

And it has been surprisingly ok.

Mostly due to amazing friends and family.

And due to donuts.

And clearance shoe finds at Target.

And a quick, unexpected, spontaneous jaunt out to Santa Cruz to have lunch with a friend on a whim.

And….to the fact that my parents are coming TOMORROW!  EEEPPPP.

The floors aren’t vacuumed and Swiffered.

The menus aren’t planned out….YET.

I have another day of work to go before their arrival.

But, I know my little band of brothers and I will make it.

We said ADIOS to Matt on Sunday morning in the wee hours of the morning {note:  Alex was up at 5:15am for the occasion}.

Celebrated a wonderful week of Vacation Bible School during the service on Sunday…

{Joseph’s brothers came up with a sneaky plan to take care of him….}

Lots of Star Wars crafts and coloring…

And begging for more and more “coloring pages”….today’s request?

“Mom, will you just type in ‘Jabba of the Hut’s Helpers Coloring Pages’?!?!?”

As you can imagine, Google had MANY options with that one.

First days of Summer School/Camp unfolded, including my first day as a teacher in the Three Year Old Room.

And amazing friends have come over for play dates (or taken away eldest for playdates!).

{and girl’s night for Bachelorette viewing and meals prepared and given and playdates offered and texts to make me laugh….seriously, overwhelming love}

Today…to pull myself together after a 2 hour fingerprint/live scan debacle with dear, squirrley Drew, I drove home.  Made and consumed 2 cups of coffee.  Watched an episode of Friday Night Lights.  Went to Target.  And bought shoes.  Those cute red ones up above.  $7.49 on clearance {thanks for the tip, Gussy!}.  And picked up a new pair of shoes for Alex too.  Star Wars, light up shoes.  He is in SEVENTH HEAVEN.  (and for the record, both he and Drew had their toes sticking out of their shoes this morning, so it was time!)

And there’s the odd lesson in this all.

Sometimes, you just gotta blow the budget on frivolous shoes.

And extra calories in the form of sprinkle covered donuts.

And mindless tv {hello, Friday Night Lights obsession}.

I don’t have a fancy quote to back this up.

Or a Bible Verse to support my conviction.

Or deep thoughts to prove the point.

I just know, deep down, that it’s true.

Sometimes the weirdest, unexpected, frivolous decisions and just plain necessary.

One Post Script:

Even though Matt’s not here, there’s “traces” of him.  These pics came up today which he and Alex did a few weeks ago.  Love how the hubster can make me laugh, even when he’s in a neighboring country.

One thought on “Shoe Therapy & Donut Dates

  1. So after reading this I am getting up to eat a slice of the ice cream cake in the freezer. Thankyouverymuch.
    So glad you are getting through this week with the help of family and friends!

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