Basil Lessons

I miss having my helper in the kitchen these days.  It seemed a bit easier with only one child to cook and bake together earlier on.  Yesterday I was assembling my favorite kind of summer dinner—-tons of veggies and fruit and some yummy chilled wine.  Alex came in and asked if he could help with the Caprese, sans mozzarella, salad.  I had excitedly sampled and purchased basil at the Farmer’s Market earlier in the morning, planning to pair it with heirloom tomatoes.  As he carefully placed the leaves, a very distinctive LIME scent filled the room.  One of the three types of basil she’d let me sample was “lime basil”.  I was thinking it would be really great in a mixed drink…not exactly the best choice for an Italian salad.

Well.  She ended up giving me the lime basil on accident.  And let me clarify.  Lime basil on tomatoes IS NOT A GOOD COMBINATION.

Luckily, Matt & Alex remembered we had just purchased a basil plant for the garden.  Crisis averted.  Maybe we have ended up with a new basil plant with no leaves, but oh, well.  We had yummy Caprese salad last night….and corn.  Drew was pretty happy.

This whole scenario was a chance—-yet again—-for me to be confronted with my own rigidity and quick-to-flare temper.  From early on, my Mom learned that I needed “lead time” and required understanding of what was going to unfold that day.  When things changed or plans altered, I often responded in anger, no doubt stemming from my unmet expectations.  My need to control and plan, to set the scene is very high functioning….a gift.  And a curse.  Children and life’s ever-changing nature press in on me and sometimes, like yesterday, God seems to have a lesson to teach me.  I’m guessing God’s not above using basil to teach it either.

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