Evening Light

I love the tradition of spending an evening out at the beach, enjoying the sunset with Alex. Almost every year on our trips, we have made time for it and I love the tradition. It also allows Drew to fall asleep without “diversions”. Usually Alex falls right asleep after our adventure, but tonight, Matt is still painstakingly reading “The First Four Years”, an hour after we got home. What is it with these overly tired boys not sleeping?!? {I envision I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight because we are keeping a surprise….Matt’s dad called and offered to drive down to join us tomorrow night, allowing us to have a dinner out! I can’t wait to surprise the boys with the Mystery Man’s arrival, aka MACHO POP! Who doesn’t love a slumber party with Grandpa?!}

Not much to explain…the sunset, sand and smiles speak for themselves. My friend Julia shared this Mary Oliver quote on Facebook today, and it truly sums up how I feel and why it feeds me to capture life on my camera: “Everyday I see or hear something that more or less kills me with delight.” Yes, Mary Oliver! The beach certainly killed me with delight tonight. That and Drew talking to the seagull pillow (last image). Two posts in one day. Lo siento, folks. After weeks of squeezing in one post on a Monday when the boys were both at school, I just can’t help myself. Time for chips, guacamole and some Olympics with beach volleyball on the docket.














One thought on “Evening Light

  1. I loved this post because Carp beach is my most favorite childhood memory – going there with my grandma, my mom and now my girls going there with their grandma. Enjoy your stay and I’m sorry we didn’t overlap our visits!

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