My Brothers & Sisters Obsession Guided the Day….to Ojai!

I love, love, love the show Brothers & Sisters. Or should I say LOVED the show as I think it’s come to the end of its run. Matt used to always comment that it was so overly done. Each plot line was fairly over the top and sensationalized. I, however, loved the sibling relationships and the connection to the food industry in their fictionalized business, Ojai Foods.

So, for our first full day of vacation, we drove southwest, up into the mountains, along Hwy 154 to Ojai. We left the fog rolling through Carpinteria and landed, 40 minutes later, in the roasting valley. We spent the bulk of our time at Bart’s Books, an amazing outdoor bookstore and mom (me!) scored….found a used Star Wars sticker book…Alex has been glued to it every since, even forgoing playing at Libbey Park in Ojai for looking at the new treasured book. Drew spent the whole time at Bart’s Books getting book after book from the law section. I’m thinking Matt’s dad and mom, both lawyers, would have been so proud. At the park, Drew spent almost 1/2 an hour playing ball with a one year old black lab. I think he found his soulmate.

We enjoyed lunch at the east end of town at Boccali’s Italian Restaurant. The outside patio dining is perfect for kids and the food is unbelievable. Tomatoes, in season, can’t be beat. Caprese salad and bruschetta were amazing! Even their basic marinara sauce for Drew’s meatballs?!?! HEAVEN. Then we pulled into an amazing gem on our way out of town, Hip Vegan Cafe for my long waited Date Milkshake. Simply raw cashew milk, frozen bananas, vanilla and dates. Vegan, yummy goodness slurped down!

I am tired from chasing Drew around and trying to get him to sit still and not be screaming/giggling at the TOP OF HIS LUNGS, but am so grateful for a patient husband who trades off and keeps his cool. And I keep looking at Alex, amazed at the corner we’ve turned. It is SO much easier with him this trip. It helps me see the light at the end of the toddler travel tunnel. This time with the boys is so special and yet, not the vacation we would have had 6 years ago. No matter, we see things with different eyes, skip “must see spots” because they would be a nightmare with the boys, and become experts on all the playgrounds and parks, no matter the towns we are in. Praying that chatty Drew, who has been talking away for over an hour in his crib will finally crash for his afternoon nap.

Here’s some pictures of the adventures of today, including time spent coloring this morning and blurry pics of bed shenanigans. I love the blur because folks, that’s what it truly is….too much fast movement to capture a single, clear moment!

And if you are at home, yearning for a little Southern California slow life, summer goodness, whip up a date milkshake and turn on an old episode of Brothers & Sisters. I’m already planning an encore in a few months when vacation seems all too distant!























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