Bye BYE! Bye BYE!

Drew has become very adept at waving goodbye to EACH and EVERY train that goes by our house rental. Even the faintest train whistle from a distance illicits animated demands to see the CHOO CHOO. As it moves past and the caboose speeds out of sight, he exclaims and wildly waves, “Bye BYE Choo CHOO!” over and over.


So, Bye BYE, Carpinteria. Bye sandy towels and sunglasses.


Bye, bye sandy wagon rides, sun umbrellas and flip flops.


Bye, bye leftover vegetables in the fridge and 7 of the 13 eggs we had left. {Veggie Frittata Yumminess!}




….and hello to getting back to school supplies ready. Hello to home sweet home. Hello to our doggy who has been pampered at Grandma’s. Hello to a week without childcare. {eep} Hello to unpacking and menu planning. Hello to hosting a baby shower. So much to look forward to (and organize, plan and prepare for). Time for some lists! And time for welcoming our little 22 month old. We love you, Drew!





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